Above is an example of a Cuban Tourist Visa (sometimes referred to as a Cuban visitor’s card).

This example show how you to fill it out.

It is scored vertically in the center. Cuban Immigration retains one half when you arrive. You keep the other half with your passport during your stay on the island. You return your half to Cuban Immigration when you leave.

Don’t lose it. You’ll have to replace it, resulting in extra costs, delays and the possibility of missing your flight home.

You must have this visa to enter Cuba, together with a current passport (valid for one week following your departure date). These two documents are all you need to go to Cuba legally.

The Cuban Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days and can be renewed in Cuba for another 30 days.

The Cuban Tourist Visa is not included in the price of airline tickets and must be purchased separately. Contact us to obtain a Cuban Tourist Visa.

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